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A Random MST
TWA International Bash

NOTE:  The words in italics are thoughts/translations/titles of works, and the text in bold italics are the MSTed fic.

After arriving at Hono'aru, Kristopher relaxed--hell, he slept through days. The fellow Arcadians questioned about what he was doing when he was gone. But it didn't matter.

Days after his reappearance, Shaymin Hat Girl visited Kristopher, nudging him from his deep sleep.

"Huh? Bwuh?" Kristopher stammered before he yawned.

"You all right?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.


"I see."

Carter reappeared from his visit back to his own time, yawning a bit. Kristopher scratched the Slugma behind the head. Life was good.

Except that they got a fanfic sign later on. All three quickly ran to the computer.

"What in the..." Shaymin Hat Girl questioned. "This appears to be one of those crossover stories."

"Adding in another type for good measure," Carter added.

Kristopher was intrigued by the name of the author. "Charles Roberts?" he questioned. "I've heard Catherine somewhat mentioning him in passing. She somehow found out about him..."

"Wait. Who's Catherine? Your girlfriend?" Carter asked.

Kristopher gasped and then, after regaining composure, fumed. "She is not my girlfriend! She's your alternate counterpart!"

"Wait, what?!"

"She got a sex change. No, it doesn't mean that you'll go through one, too."


While Carter was at a loss on what he wanted to say, all three were teleported to the theater.

TWA International Bash

Chapter 1

"Guess TNA not only got some competition," Shaymin Hat Girl noted.

"Wait, did you ever watch wrestling?" Kristopher asked.

"Actually, no. But I found out some really lame matches and storylines. Internet."

I own TWA, WWT is own my Mr. Yoshi, AWF Own by Takari Takaishi and WWE Cartoon Wrestling Animated own by Toonwriter

"And yet the guy didn't credit the other wrestling federations, nor the cartoons that are about to be featured," Carter pointed out. "Someone's going to get slammed with a lawsuit..."

TWA Come back forms the Dead

"And I'm sure that the dead are about to, after the wrestling, dance to "Thriller"--" Kristopher began.

"...that joke's so old, you can see through it," Shaymin Hat Girl interrupted.

"Come on, you know it's true!"

now it back

"...this is gonna suck," Carter determined.

"What, the spelling and stuff? By the way, who wrote this?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"The saddest thing? Guy's not even middle-aged--a grown adult, and he's writing like this!" Kristopher added.


"And even though we have our title, the freaking "International" is spelt wrong," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed.

Fire works went off as they showing Paris Stade De France Arena.

"'Stade'? What the hell does that mean?" Kristopher blurted out.

"I guess it's supposed...I don't know," Carter confessed. It didn't take long for Shaymin Hat Girl to look up from her laptop.

"...turns out it's an actual word, and it is an actual place," Shaymin Hat Girl revealed. "Just looked it up."

Shaggy: WELCOME TO TWA INTERNATIONAL BASH RESPET TWA I am Shaggy Rogers and My Partner Scooby Doo

"And here we see one of the major problems of this story: the script format," Kristopher stated. "Granted, MSTs are normally as such, but when it comes to actual the way, love how they don't have the shoehorned 'Zoinks!'."

"Well, at least 'International' is spelt right, but...'Respet TWA'? The hell?" Shaymin Hat Girl added.

"My guess is that it's supposed to be 'Respect TWA', but I'm jumping to conclusions here," Carter hypothesized.

Scooby: Hello there and also joining us AWF Commentators Taichi and Takari

"...where is his speech pattern?! When did Scooby freaking Doo speak like a regular human?" Shaymin Hat Girl cried out.

Taichi: Hello and thanks you having us here

"Hello, how long are you guys going to sound so dull?" Carter greeted.

Takato: Well we in a different land

"Well, no shit, Sherlock!" the three shouted.

"That's like if an American went to China and noted that he or she was in a different--ah, screw this!" Kristopher growled.

and French people are all right to us

" well as the Americans, but we have to watch out for some crazy fans in particular, like the shippers who want their different pairings to come true," Carter imitated Takato.

Shaymin Hat Girl put up a sign that said, "We MSTers are not insulting the fans here. Thank you for your understanding."

Shaggy: also Form WWT Mr. Comanator and Sandy Cheeks

"Mr. Comanator? What in the...don't they mean 'Commenta--'" Kristopher began.

"Let's not jump into conclusions," Carter interrupted. "Anyway, I guess Sandy can't keep up with SpongeBob's antics any longer. Then again, her character will get butchered..."

Mr. Comanator: Hello

Sandy: Hay there and Glad to be here.

"See? Told you."

"God, the dialogue's boring-ness is penetrating my brain...the pain..." Kristopher groaned, massaging his temples.

Shaggy: But also 4 Bonus Matches

"Woo-hoo," all three sarcastically cheered.

Millioners VS TWO,

"...who are they, and why should we care?" Kristopher asked.

Chief VS Sasquatch, Danny Phantom VS George Jackson of the Jackson Twins

"...and Michael Jackson would show up to kick Danny's ass with his sweet moves and transformation into a mecha. And he would also obliterate this crappy story with his awesomeness. Yes, I'm being serious here."

Carter and Shaymin Hat Girl didn't know what to say.

and Rio vs Dagget Beaver.

"Way to kill our childhood," Shaymin Hat Girl retorted. "What's next, the latter getting booed?"

Scooby: Right now the first match about to start

More false cheering.

(BGM: Princess of the Universe By Queens)

...then followed by a total double-facepalm.

"How in the hell can you fail so hard?! There isn't..." Kristopher shouted, and he screamed Angrish.

Then Dagget Beaver came out With Lydia

Master of Games: FORM Los Angeles, California weighing at 195 Pounds acompley by Lydia he is WWT own and TWO Member Dagget Beaver

"...I'm pretty sure he doesn't weigh that much, and I didn't know that Los Angeles, California had a form," Carter remarked.


"...lovely. Kill my childhood, you bastard. What else are you going to do next?" said the rather bitter Shaymin Hat Girl.

Shaggy: Well Team WWT Beat us in a Tag Team match and well we need to even the score anyway but in a friendly completion.

"...and, like, in order to do a friendly completion, we will call everyone together to finish the homework our teacher sent us," Carter imitated Shaggy. "Otherwise, we'll beat the ever-loving crap out of each other. Zoinks!"

Scooby: Well he going agents Rio the Ledged in Mexico

"Agent...Rio," Kristopher, now calmed down, dramatically stated.

"I don't think that is a good name for a wrestler...'Ledged'?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

and this not going be a good match anyway.

"...this can't be good."

Right now let listen to Rio own Announcer.

"Nah, we'll listen to good music," Kristopher replied, and substituting some of the dialogue was, well, music. All three danced.

That is, until they heard Rio's theme and the announcer's words.

Amigo was in the ring with a mic

(BGM: Alberto Del Rio Theme music)

Amigo: (Speaking Spanish) FROM Mexico City, Mexico weighing at 220 Pounds he is the Best Mexican wrestlers of all time and a Ledged also the former 19 Time Triple A World Champion HE IS RIO!

"...oh, God, my Stu senses are tingling!" Kristopher screamed.

Then Rio came in his 2010 Rolls Royce as he was happy, Dagget wasn't happy to see this and Lydia wasn't unimpressed too.

"And the people that are reading this crap aren't impressed," Carter added. "Also, nice use of the double negatives."

As Rio got out of his Rolls Royce, he was happy

"We're not surprised," said the group flatly.

while looking at it too then went to the ramp and pose as the fireworks came out. Then he heads to the ring.

"Gotta love how they're making a deal out of the Stu while they're not with his opponent," Kristopher noted. "Then again, he is a Stu, so that's to be expected."

Mr. Comanator: Well Dagget wasn't impressed with this but he is a Jerk in WWT and Big Jerk too.

"Also, did we mention that he's a jerk?"

Shaymin Hat Girl covered her face with her hands. Carter used Yawn on her, and she fell asleep. However, Kristopher, too, was caught in the area of the attack, and he used the girl's shoulder as a pillow.

Bell Rings

Rio, Dagget in a tie up as Rio began to working on Dagget arm as Dagget trying get to the ropes and then went out of the ring to relaxed his arm while Lydia checking on it.

Shaggy: Rio just wants to start off by working on Dagget arm. But Dagget got out of that ring quickly.

Mr. Comanator: Dagget did face most submission holders most of the times and he learn most form it too.

Then Rio went out of the ring as he kick Dagget in the back, but Lydia got in the way as Rio move her out of the way, that allowed Dagget get the open shot on Rio then throw him into the Steel post.

Shaggy: Dagget found a opening as he going for a close-line.

Then Dagget going for the close-line but Amigo try to get in the way but back off since Dagget saw him, went for the close-line but Rio move out of the way as Dagget hurt his arm and Rio, more pain as he work Dagget arm on the steel post and throw him into the ring as he setting up for his finishing move.

Then Rio hit the Cross-Arm Bar Submission hold on Dagget in the middle of the ring, as Dagget trying get to the ropes but the pain was too much for his arm so he had no choice to tap out and submit to the move as Rio let go.

(BGM: Rio Theme music)


"And the Stu wins, big surprise," Carter groaned.

Shaggy: Well Rio won that one as Lydia is checking on him and hay Rio heading back to Dagget.

Mr. Comanator: Hay That enough.

"But we don't have enough hay, sir!"

Shaymin Hat Girl slowly wakes up.

Then Lydia see this as she protecting her Man as Rio move her out of the way, bend down to Dagget as he pick him up by his head, then Kiss him as the fans, Lydia even the commentators were shock to see this and he let Dagget go as he heading back to the ring as Dagget was shock too.

"Ew, that's just...wrong!" Shaymin Hat Girl groaned.

Shaggy: Well form the Games Rio is a Cross dresser, he is Bi since he like Males and females too.

"Gee, however could we have guessed?" Carter sarcastically asked.

Mr. Comanator: Ok that just plane wearied

"Trust me, even the weary plane knows that it's, it's not the whole male/male thing that's grossing me out, it's rather...well..."

I wonder TWO think of this too.

"What in the--a man kissing a beaver? This man should be fired and arrested!" Carter imitated one of the members of TWO.

Shaggy: Up Next TWA Title Tournament as A-Truth VS Rabbit NEXT.

"...that's, like, coming up next!" Shaymin Hat Girl added, and Kristopher woke up.

"Is that the end?" he asked, and both Shaymin Hat Girl and Carter shook their heads.

Chapter 2: Chase Young Vs. Skunk

"Man vs. nature at its finest!" Kristopher announced.

Shaggy: Now we are back as the TWA Championship Title tournament Sim-finals is on right now.

"Sim-finals? What, do the Sims have anything to do with this?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"At least it shows that it'll be the end of this crap soon...right?" Carter hoped.

Titration: Skunk: Awesome!

"Oh, come on! We were promised a different match! This is a rip-off!" Kristopher imitated one of the crowd members.

(BGM: I Came to Play)

Then Skunk came in with his TWA US Title and TWA Mr. Money in the bank briefcase while heading to the ring

(Crowd: Booing)

"Why are they booing? Most likely because they were lied to," Shaymin Hat Girl stated.


All three laughed uproariously at the name of "Kick Buttoskey".

"Yeah, I can't see him go that far..." Kristopher sighed as he wiped a tear.


The three just didn't care.

Scooby: Well Skunk won the first round agents Max and did a Low blow cheep shot.

"Skunk is a chicken! CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEE--" Shaymin Hat Girl retorted, but the guys just stared at her.

Shaggy; Well but now Skunk have to face the Sinister China man Chase Young.

"Oh, hi, semicolon! Damn it, Girl, now you got me doing it!" Carter grumbled.

As for the comment of "Sinister China man", none of them dared to touch it.

(BGM: Broken Dreams)

Titration: Chase Young

Then Chase Young came out as Fans Cheering and Booing him since some form China as they were waving the China flag.

"Because they have to remind people that Chase is from China...take a shot every time someone mentions 'China'," Kristopher suggested, and all three took four shots of green tea from the earlier mentions.

Scooby: Well Chase got some China Fans here

Shaggy: Well he Neutral too.

"Thanks, Scooby and Shaggy, your input was greatly appreciated," Carter snarked, and the group downed another shot.


Downing two more shots, the group was lucky it didn't have alcohol.

"Resings? Huh, didn't know that their Chinatown has a Broadway-styled theme," Shaymin Hat Girl snarkily noted.

Then The Bell rings, as Chase, Skunk tie it up while skunk throw chase into the rope as Chase ducks and close-line Skunk.

Scooby: Well Skunk try for a Close-line but Chase ducks and return a favor to Skunk.

Then Chase stomping away on Skunk, then flowed by a Supflex as he get a 2 count on the pin.

Then Skunk Kick Chase in the midsection, as he went for a body slam, then a back body drop as he began to working on Chase Back and lock him in a Boston Crab hold.

Shaggy: Skunk came back with a Boston Crab hold as Chase trying get to the Ropes.

Then Skunk let go of the hold as he throw Chase into the Turnbuckled, then Chase move out of the way as Skunk Miss with the running close-line as Chase began to beating up skunk.

Then Kick Distracted Chase as Skunk Low blow Chase and going for the Skunk Crusher (Skull Finale).

Then Max Came attacking Kick as Skunk drop Chase, then Shouting to Max as he turn around and Chase hit the Prophecy (Double Arm DDT) and Pins him

Ref: 1-2-3!

(BGM: Broken Dreams)


Throughout the entire match, they commented on how dull everything was until they heard the words "Boston Crab hold". Then they had a face that said, "What the hell?"


"Yaaaa!" the group cried out, realizing how idiotic they looked when they said that instead of cheering. Their karate chop actions didn't help.

Shaggy: Well Chase Advance to the next round thanks to Max

"Chase Advance: because regular running just isn't enough," Kristopher announced.

Scooby: Skunk will get reving on Max

"Because the next match will involve a car race!" Carter guessed.

and Up next Number one contender for the TWA US TITLE Alex IV VS All American Spincer Rat next.

"Watch as the latter will win next!" Kristopher announced. "So this isn't the end?"

"No," Shaymin Hat Girl and Carter responded, and Kristopher screamed, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--"

An explosion occurred, and the group tried to calm him down. Naturally, they succeeded...however, there's always a story, and the trio prepared themselves for the next chapter and beyond.

Chapter 3:Bullies Invade TWA

"Because they want everyone's lunch money," Carter hypothesized.

Charles: Well Bullies attack Ace and Rabbit today injured them, so I had no Choice to give Chase Young the TWA world Title

"So that explains why we didn't get the match as promised!" Kristopher realized. "Wait, that has to be the dumbest reasoning in the history of dumb reasonings, and I've seen arcadiarika's fanfics."

and Wolfgane you bullies want to attack anyone or anyone Asoicate with Anime boy you going to get it.

"And so anime will be the one that will get destroyed next," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed. "By the way? Nice non-threatening statement, Chucky boy."

THen Scurey GUard Came into Charles room

"Probably trying to scurry away from the bullies," Kristopher guessed.

GUard: Sir Bullies at it again

"Somehow, they're trying to cause havoc in the best place for tag ever!" Shaymin Hat Girl imitated.

Charles: WHAT?

Guard: THey attacking Tails, Roderick, Socurge and Danforth since Tails is Anime Charture

All three facepalmed.

"Tails is a video game character from Sonic the Hedgehog," Shaymin Hat Girl began. "Not an anime character. Do your freaking homework!"

Charles: Time to send a Proublem Slover.

"A...'proublem slover'?" Carter asked.

"This is not the time to write like a Canadian and fail at it," Kristopher reassured.


"Oh, good, someone finally rated this crap one star!" Shaymin Hat Girl cheered. "However, it's one star too many."

In the Ring Bullies attacking Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Roderick, Scourge and Danforth.

"Okay, why aren't the Sonic group attacking back? I guess the author is determined to make anyone's childhood weep with rage," Kristopher sighed.

Scooby: Bullies are Running the match this time International Title match

"At this rate, we're not surprised that the 'promised' matches aren't coming to pass," Carter stated.

Shaggy: Charles saying he Plan to send a proublem Slover

"And that would be...?" all three asked.

(BGM: The Monster Abyss Theme song)

Then the Monster Kenpachi Zaraki Came out with Yachiru Kusajishi as Bullies see this

Scooby: It the Monster Captain of the 11 Guard Squad also his Guards are comming too.

"Oh, good, actual freaking anime characters!" Kristopher fake-cheered. "That doesn't make any bit of sense now. I mean..."

"I guess they're there because the author likes them," Shaymin Hat Girl hypothesized.

Kenpachi, Yachiru, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Maki with Chad and Ichigo came as the Bullie see them and They clash.

Ikkaku Fighting Sliver Wolf, Yumichika Fighting BRad, Maki Fighting Lars, Chad Fighting Spurg, Francis Fighting Ichigo, Kenpachi fighting Big Brother and Wolfgang as he Kick Wolfgang HARD Then Did the Black Hole Slam On Big Brother then his Zampakuto turn into a 2X4 With Nales as he Rake across Big Brother back as Big Brother Screams and Got Booted out side of the ring same as the Bullies got kick out of the ring while Kenpachi grab a Mic.

All three cringed.

"This fight...well, at least it isn't as gory as Eli Roth's work," said Kristopher. "Then again, I doubt he'll ever reach the high-level intensity, since all of the matches are so damn boring!"

Kenpachi: WOlfgang you, Me at Animated since you want to Mess with Anime then you mess with me Bleach is a Anime Show and I will be Dam that you try to Injured one of my Co Stars or My Little Friend becasue me and Julila want a peace of you.

"Yes, we know that Bleach is an anime show, Kenpachi," Carter assured.

"Huh, so he'll be a dam? Good, maybe he can stop this piece of crap from overflowing," Kristopher suggested, but Carter and Shaymin Hat Girl facepalmed at the horrible, horrible pun/observation.

(BGM: Abyss)

Scooby: Well Kenpachi Sent a message to Wolfgang that he want him at Animated and also 11 Guard Squad with Chad and Ichigo will take on the Bullies on TWA Project Z in Mexico City.

"If, you know, the writer can remember it," Shaymin Hat Girl pointed out. "Man, this makes just as much sense as Silent Hill: Dead/Alive!"

Shaggy: Also Up Next Rubella VS Bimbette Skunk for the TWA Knockout title with Specal Gust Ref TWA Presedent Fifi La Fume is next.

"And another fight we'll never get, coming up ne--" Kristopher announced, but he stopped.

"You know, at this point, Kristopher, it's to be expected," Carter noted. "I'll be damned if the writer actually stops being redundant with that."

Chapter 4:TWA Knockout Title match

"I'll be damned if it didn't deliver what was promised," Shaymin Hat Girl guessed.

(BGM: Dixie Carter theme music)
Fifi La Fume came to the ring as Fans cheering for her.

"Huh. It did deliver what was promised for once in the freaking fanfic!"


"'Specal Gust'? What, there's a different type of gust attack that I didn't know about?" Kristopher asked.


"Yaaaaaaa! Semicolon!" the trio shouted, again doing fighting poses/moves.

Shaggy: Well Bimbett is doding Rubella since she won the TWA Knockout title

"'Doding'? Do I even want to know what that means?" Carter asked.

Scooby: FIfi is Tired of it and She plan to put a end to it.

(BGM: Posion)

"We're tired of this fanfic, and we'll plan to put an end to--oh, come on, how the hell can you fail again?" Kristopher asked, noticing 'Posion' instead of 'Poison'. "And what song?"

Titatorn: RUBELLA RAT!


"Yaaa--oh, screw this!" the group groaned.


Shaggy: Well Rubella have change since she is dating Wiley Wolf

"How are we supposed to know that?" Kristopher questioned. "You're not telling us anything, story!"

Scobby: Now she is Fifi Friend too.

"Hey, I didn't know that Scooby had a relative named 'Scobby'!" Shaymin Hat Girl noted.

"With a bunch of his relatives, it wouldn't be surprising," Carter added.

(BGM: Madison Rave theme song)


Then Bimbette Came on a Motersciyle with her Friend as they heading to the ring

"Another semicolon, and 'motorcycle' is spelt wrong," Kristopher stated. "At this rate, suggesting a drinking game for this could potentially kill someone."

"Potentially?!" Carter blurted out.



THen fifi Sent her firend to the back and Bell Rings. As Rubella and Bimbette Fighting each other while Rubella went for a Submission Hold on Bimbette.

"...this has to be the least sexy catfight ever," Kristopher groaned.

Shaggy: Well Rubella on the attack and Bimbette trying get to the ropes.

Scooby: Bimbette geting to the ropes.

"Now, are you sure Bimbette's getting to the ropes? God, I'm sensing deja vu from the two Pokemon Attack of Mewtwo stories!"

Then Bimbette on the ropes as Fifi isused a 10 counts as Rubella let go, then Bimbette Spears Rueblla and on the attack.

Shaggy: Bimbette came back with a spear on Rubella as she stomping on her.

"We can see that," Carter retorted.

Then Bimbette hit the Posion Kiss but Rueblla got her shoulder up as Fifi saying a 2 count and Bimbette was screaming.

Shaggy: Well Bimbette hit that move on her oppents but Rubella Some how kick out of that one.

Scooby: Rubella got some Determantaion to win this one.

Then Bimbette went to get a steel chair as she about to hit Rubella but Fifi grab the chair and took it away. AS Bimbette looking at her screaming to her, then Bimbette turn around as Rubella hit the Rat-Whiptail on her and pins her.

"Figured, the people the writer likes best always tend to win," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed.

"Who doesn't do that?" Kristopher asked, and he stared at the girl.

Fifi: 1-2-3!

(BGM: Posion)



"...doesn't it kill the writer to put down 'the crowd cheers/boos' every time?" Carter wondered. "I mean, it'll be redundant, but at least it'll look competent!"

Then Rubella and Fifi are hugging each other.

Shaggy: Well Rubella won the title

Scooby; Bimbette will waking up and Relise she lost the title.

"You know what? This story has more Captain Obvious moments than the Mewtwo stories!" Kristopher realized.

Shaggy: Also TWA Extream Title was Stolen and Gust who stole it

Scooby: One who Work with us TWA/AWF Own Takato Matsuda

"Wait, what?!" the group screamed.

"How did Takato steal that title if he was with the group? Did the writer have a grudge against him? Furthermore, isn't he worried that the French people would not be happy with him?!" Kristopher asked.

Shaggy: Takato still haven't goten over that Sky did beat him 2 years ago in TWA Japan Explosion PPV and it was for the TWA Japan Title

Scooby: ALso Sky Armington was born in Japan since his mother was the Emperese of Little Tokyo, Japan Princese Vi and his Step Dad Alexander Armington I

"Because that's just what we need: a poorly-thought-out fight between a person who stole a title for no apparent reason vs. a potential Marty Stu."

"Potential? Alexander Armington I is one of Charles' Marty Stus. The successor, Alexander Armington III? Yeah, definite," Shaymin Hat Girl confided.

Shaggy: Since He is the First Japanessee/American Won the TWA Japan Title form Takato

(BGM: Welcome to the Darkside)

Sky Came out was angry and Waring his Mask since Takato burn side of his face.

"How did that happen?! How did Takato burn his face? And when?" Kristopher gasped.

Sky: TAKATO YOU HAVEN'T GET OVER THAT I BEAT YOU 10 TIMES and you want to Realy Anyoned me by Steeling the Vaicent TWA Extream Title that I was going to win but now I Heard you with Daisuke Motomiya AKA Davis, Taiki Kudo and Takuya Kanabara now you still want to prove it to me Well I think you mess with the wrong armington, Clash of the TItatns I am going to END YOUR WRESTLING CAREA ONCE AND FOR ALL

"Wow, this guy makes less sense than the Ultimate Warrior, and that's saying something," Shaymin Hat Girl giggled.


"DAMN IT, TAKATO, YOU BETTER ANSWER TO ME NOW, OR WE'LL DRESS YOU UP IN A TUTU!" Carter growled, and he coughed a bit. "That was quite a strain in my voice."

(BGM: Kishindoh)

Then Takato came out as Fans Booing at him

Takato: You right Sky I didn't forget, You want this Title Come to AWF I am wating for you there.

"Oh, God, the cliches..." Shaymin Hat Girl groaned.

Sky: I will be there and I am Bringing my Pals the Pizza Cats, New York Pizza Cats and Rescue Team and We going to kick your sorry buts

"No if, ands, or...wait," said Kristopher.

Takato: We be wating

THen he left.

Scooby: SO up Next the Main Event TWA Vacent TV Title is next.

"You know, since the redundancy at the end here is so expected, we might as well not mock it," Carter said with a sigh.

Naturally, the story isn't through yet. They survived worse, after all. But were they lacking? Still, they remained in the theater as they waited for the story to conclude.

Chapter 5:Main Event: TWA TV Title match

"Finally: The Main Event: Will We Survive This Crapfest?" Kristopher announced.

Charles on The Titatorn.
Charles: ALSO on Project Y in Mexico City First time it will be Champion VS Champion TWA CHamp CHase Young VS WWT Champ Danny Phantom also TWA Champ Chase Young will issuse a Challange to WWT, WWE Anamie and AWF a shot at his title in Clash of the Titatns.

"Which will all be made next story. Or not," Shaymin Hat Girl stated.

Shaggy: Well That big News

"Well, duh!" the group shouted.

Scooby: Yep and Now time for the Big Event

TV Title match

"Which title's the longest? Which one sounds the more awesome?"

(BGM: Fire that Burn)

THen Eddie Mofita III Came out as fans went nuts.


"Well, admittedly, at least they didn't do the 'YAAAAAAAAAAAA!'," Carter stated.


"Son of a bitch!"

(BGM: Millionares Theme song)

Then Johnny Pew came out dose his Millionares pose and heading to the ring

"Have you taken your daily dose of the Millionaires pose today?" Kristopher asked.

Master of Games: FROM Hollywood, California weighing at 215 Pounds he is a Member of the Millioners Johnny PEW!


The three grimaced.

(BGM: Hurricane Theme music)


Then Donald Duck as Supioura Advenger came out.

"I don't remember Donald being that hammy," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed.

Master of Games: FROM Duckburg, Calisota weighing at 214 Pounds he is SUpioura Advenger!

Crowd; YAAAA

"'Calisota'? What, did California get a name change?" Kristopher questioned.

(BGM: Too Many Lies)

Then Negaduck beating his chest and screams

Master of Games; FROM St. Caranad, Calisota Weighing at 220 Pounds he is NEGADUCK!

Crowd; BOOO

"Finally, someone had the common sense to boo at villains," Shaymin Hat Girl said with a smile.

"Aren't some of them villains at the end?" Kristopher asked.

" might have a point."

Shaggy: Also Live at the Graint Center in Hershey, PA We will go Old School on TWA New SHow Speedzone.

Scooby: Because We geting ready for the TWA 2010 King of the RIng this year and it will be live in The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia.

"Oh, God, not another one!" Carter screamed.

"At least the writer would forget about that," Shaymin Hat Girl comforted. "One can hope."

Shaggy: The Match beagns now

Bell Rings

Then Eddie III Attacking Johny Pew as Supioura Advenger attacking Negaduck.

Scooby: Negaduck is fighting back but SUpioura Advenger did the closeline on Negaudck.

THen Eddie III hit the DDT on Johny Pew and then Powerbomb him though the Tables as he out cold, AS Supioura Advenger and Negaduck Fighting back to the back.

Shaggy: Well They went to the back and Eddie III was thinking what going on?

"Why do I get the feeling that this will be a one-sided match?" Kristopher imitated Eddie III.

BGM: Millioners/Foutoran THeme song)

THen Montana Max and Bling Bling Boy came as Eddie III fighting them off and closeline them out of the ring as Rollarduck got a Steel Chair.

Shaggy: Millioners trying to interfear in this match.

Scooby: Rollarduck got a Steel CHair Watch out Eddie III!

"Anticlimax begins in 3, 2, 1..." Carter counted down.

Then Eddie III Turn around then Rollarduck hit Eddie III with the Steel chair and hit the Rollout (Cradle Piledriver) on the Steel Chair. THen Montana MAx, Bling Bling Boy Bring Johny Pew into the Ring and Put him on top of Eddie III.

Ref: 1-2-3!

(BGM: Millioners)

"Told you. So much for an 'epic' final match."


"Trust us, we agree with you...that the match and the story both suck," Kristopher reassured.

Shaggy: OK this is Disrespect

The group made a "Well, duh!" face.

and Pew is the new TV Champ

Master of Games: WINNER AND NEW TWA TV CHAMPION Johny Pew!

Scooby: Well Eddie III Will be angry on Speedzone and This is Scooby Doo

Shaggy: Shaggy Rogers Good Night on TWA!

"And we'll never see that conclusion, either...speaking of, is it done?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"Yep," Carter replied.

"We're free! Free!" Kristopher cheered, and the group headed out.

In the kitchen, the trio sat around, drinking smoothies.

"So, what is it that we learned?" Carter asked.

"For one thing, the writer doesn't know how to execute match scenes," Shaymin Hat Girl began.

"Secondly, as short as it is, it was also painful! And the writer didn't even use an 'I Do Not Own' disclaimer!" Kristopher added, sipping his strawberry smoothie.

"Well, at least we're not under attack."

"Amen to that!"

"I'll drink to that!"

The three clunk their glasses--though why Carter managed to do his was a mystery--and they lived to MST another day.
On this episode of A Random MST, Kristopher, Shaymin Hat Girl, and Carter riff the hell out of "TWA International Bash". Cartoons and wrestling? Written by an infamous author?

What can possibly go wrong? Answer: Everything.

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.

Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands.

The Angry Beavers, Danny Phantom, and SpongeBob SquarePants are owned by Nickelodeon.

Scooby-Doo is owned by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by SEGA.

Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo.

Tiny Toon Adventures is owned by Warner Bros.

Donald Duck and Negaduck are owned by Disney.

"TWA International Bash" is owned by Charles Roberts.

And why the massive "I Do Not Own"? Because the writer of the story either forgot to write it, is lazy, or just didn't care.
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