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A Random MST
Pokemon attack of mewtwo

NOTE: The bold italics will be the MSTed fic, and the italics are thoughts/translations/titles of works.

In the not-too-distant (okay, we lied) future (2095) of Hono'aru, Hawaii, there were the Arcadians among regular citizens. However, whenever they were not defeating demons, they would relax.

Professor Kristopher Smith, the jet black-haired, blue-clad researcher/inventor, never took a break. He would always find something to do. In between his time, he would either research on the Arcadian Legends or taking care of his extremely tall, crystal blue-eyed Slugma.

The latter occupant used to be Carter Grayson, the Red Lightspeed Ranger, but after drinking a Pokemon potion--one of the (then) 251--he became the Volcanic Slug Pokemon. While he still kept his name, he became more of a Pokemon as he moved and ate gravel (aside from the Pokemon food Kristopher would create for him).

Five days after his transformation, Carter swallowed a random planet from a random universe no one cared about. While it did give him the needed gravel, he thought that he felt too fat, and he tried to sleep it off for a few weeks.

Kristopher, finally finished with whatever he was working on for today, gently shook Carter with his hand. Luckily, as it was with many trainers, the professor's hand wasn't burned. Carter yawned and stared at his trainer.

"...What's up?" Carter asked groggily. He smiled as he realized that the gravel was absorbed in his body and used as nutrients, somewhat like the relationship between humans and the foods they ate.

"You've been sleeping for days," Kristopher answered, "and I see that you're back to normal."

"Well, as normal as I can be."

"Right. Anyway, check it out!" Kristopher walked over and showed the 492 potions--the Slugma potion would or would not be replicated. "I took the time to include every single other Pokemon, and I still have a lot of generations to go!"

"That's really great!"

"Well, it was a huge undertaking...wait."

Kristopher adjusted his glasses and saw that one of the other 492 potions was missing. He tried to think back, but he was so into his work that all other thoughts would just fade. He shook his head and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Carter asked.

"One of the potions is missing," Kristopher replied.

Suddenly, enter Shaymin Hat Girl. "Hello there!" the woman greeted.

Kristopher and Carter nodded in response...until the former's laptop played an e-mail signal.

"What is up with me receiving these fanfic signs?" Kristopher asked. "Does someone want me dead?"

"Us," Shaymin Hat Girl corrected.

"What is it this time?" Carter asked.

"Another Pokemon fanfic."


"Wait. I think I have heard of Mewtwo. You think...?"

"Yes. Apparentally, someone wrote a fanfic featuring a girl, her Eevee...God, not another one...and a rampaging Mewtwo. But, heh, it's worse than it sounds."

"They always have to choose the first Legendary Pokemon, don't they?"

"For some, First Installment Wins. Not that I'm bitter about the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers being more well-liked than us Lightspeed Rangers or anything."

"Five Lightspeed Rangers and their Slugma. From one who rescues people from fires into one that...uses fire-type attacks."

All three teleported to the theatre/projector room.

In the theatre, Shaymin Hat Girl and Kristopher took their seats. Carter tried to do the same, but his seat melted, and so he was forced to sit on the floor.

"Let's see if this fic is worse than that Eevee TF TG story," Kristopher sighed.

"Nothing can be worse than that. Nothing. Except for a rare few like Agony in Pink," Carter replied.

Pokemon attack of mewtwo

"Wait, so the Pokemon attack Mewtwo?" Kristopher queried.

this is dark fic it has many dark themes and death and vilence do not read unless you want to

"Huh, so this kinda beats that Eevee story in terms of using less redundancy...but I feel that we're still in for a crappy time," Carter hypothesized.

"'Do not read unless you want to'?" Shaymin Hat Girl noted. "Well, if you post it up on the Internet, people will still read it no matter what."

"wake up Sarah" said Sarahs mom. Sarah was pokemon trainer who was thirteen years old with black hair and nice smile and really pretty.

"Wait a minute! I thought that trainers are supposed to be 10 years old!" Kristopher blurted out.

"And what does the mom look like?" Shaymin Hat Girl pondered. "Does she look like Delia Ketchum?"

"ok mom" said Sara and she rememberd that she was old enough for pokemon journey because pokemon leage changed age that trainers could leave home and Sarah went to see professer Oak.

"Why did the league change the age?" Carter asked. "There's so many questions left unanswered in this story..."

"And since when it's called 'pokemon leage'? I thought it was supposed to be the 'Pokemon League,'" Shaymin Hat Girl added.

"Oh...we're knee deep into punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors." Kristopher groaned as he massaged his forehead. "This is gonna suck."

"Hi Oak" said Sarah and Oak told sarah that he had only one pokemon left.

"My money's on Pikachu," Shaymin Hat Girl guessed. "Nearly every time Professor Oak has one 'Mon left, it's that yellow rat."

"Mouse," Kristopher corrected. "My money's on Squirtle."

"Let's not jump to conclusions," Carter suggested. "It's probably some rare Pokemon that the old guy doesn't even have."

"It is evee" said Oak and Sarah said it was her favorite and Oak gave her pokeball and sarah let pokemon out.

Shaymin Hat Girl and Kristopher dropped their mouths in shock.

"See?" Carter stated. "What did I tell you...? Wait a minute. E-V-E-E? Doesn't this writer mean E-E-V-E-E? Oh, my Arceus, this is starting to turn into a theme with Eevee in bad fics!"

"eevee" said the eevee. "it is so kawaii" said sarah (it is japanese for cute ok!!!)

"Trust us, we do know what it means," Kristopher pointed out. "It's kinda a staple for fanfics to use Gratuitous Japanese."

"Yurusan!" Carter bellowed. "!"

"'re not helping."

Sarah walked out of labradory and suddenly mewtwo.

"...played Yu-Gi-Oh!" Shaymin Hat Girl shouted.

"...did the fandango!" Kristopher joined in.

"who are you" asked sarah "i am mewtwo and I hate pokemon trainers and I will explode oaks laboratory so that NO ONE CAN BE TRAINER"

"Wait, what?" Kristopher asked. "Mewtwo wasn't that murderous. Or had a burning hatred for trainers. And why would a Legendary Pokemon care so much about destroying Oak's lab? Hell, if it really wanted to go that far, there are plenty of--"

"Don't give the writer any ideas," Carter hissed. "Let's not jump to conclusions."

"I will do this and I will do that and...okay, my brain is going to break," Shaymin Hat Girl groaned.

"NO said sarah "why do you want to explode lab"

"Trust us, we're saying the exact thing ourselves," Carter replied dryly.

"because humans are evil" sad mewtwo

"Humans make me a sad Mewtwo now!" Kristopher pouted, imitating Mewtwo. "Sarah, are you happy for making me so sad for no reason at all?"

no mewtwo you are evil" said sarah and then mewtwo blew up lab anyway

"Wait. It's like Mewtwo is evil for the sake of being evil," Shaymin Hat Girl noted. "It's like the 4Kids dub of the first movie, only dumber."

"no" said sarah and saw oak was dead and was Gary.

"Wait, where did Gary come into the picture?" Carter asked. "Wasn't he supposed to mock Ash right about now? So that we couldn't ignore his girth?"

"no why did you do this mewtoo you are evil" said sarah

"...and he's 'mewtoo' now," Kristopher sighed. "Perhaps this is the work of a troll."

"Like My Immortal, only less awesome?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"Eh, pretty much."

"Shut up or I EXPLODE YOUR HEAD" said mewtwo

All three laughed uproariously.

"That's like my new favorite phrase now," Kristopher laughed as he wiped away the tears. "I should probably say that from now on!"

but sarah not listen and mewtwo shat sichic at her.

"Eeeewwwwww!" all three groaned.

"From fricking hilarious to just plain gross in a matter of seconds," Carter moaned as he closed his eyes. "What the hell?"

"Did the writer mean 'Mewtwo used Psychic!'?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"...let's not jump to conclusions."

"now she is dead" said mewtwo and flew away but sarah was not dead and blacked out and so was eve.

"So...Sarah's not dead and blacked out...or did she simply faint?" Kristopher asked.

"Also, breaking news: 'Eevee' is now 'Eve'," Shaymin Hat Girl announced.

then sarah woke up and saw that mewtwo was gone and was sad

"Sueish Sarah was so sad..." Kristopher announced.

" sad was she?" Carter and Shaymin Hat Girl yelled back.

and sad "mewtwo I will take ravange on u for exploding oaks lab"

"She must still be sad," Kristopher noted.

"'Ravange'?" Carter asked. "Good Arceus, this reads like a bad Internet note. Especially with the 'u' for 'you'."

"Like that Internet breakup letter that someone bravely narrated in a dramatic tone?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"Yeah, something like that, only not as epic."

and decided to train eevee to become stranger than mewtwo

"Stranger than Mewtwo?" Kristopher asked. "Isn't Eevee stranger than the Legendary Pokemon already? With the different evolutions and crap?"

"I hope that it won't involve a pink Eevee and gender change scissors," Carter added with a sigh.

even though mewtwo was legendry and so her pokemon journey begun.

" least it's the end of the story, right?" Kristopher asked. "...right?"

"It's not over yet," Carter answered.

Chapter 2

"Oh dear God!" Kristopher screamed in horror.

(AN: Thanks for reviews everyone the reason sarah got eevee is becuz oak was breeding them ok and mewtwo has a god reason for acting ooc ok here is nex chapter )

"Oak never breeded any Eevee," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed. "Ignoring the Pokemon Yellow game for a minute, he and the other Professors have Water-, Fire-, and Grass-type starters."

"And Mewtwo better have a good reason for acting out of character," Carter groused. "Or, should I say, 'a god reason.'"

Sarah was tired and angry and sad and train hard to defeat mewtwo. Eve was get ing stronger b/c she was fighting wild pokemon and doing good.

"And we get a nice, er...description of Sarah," Shaymin Hat Girl cheered fakely. "And, again, Eevee is 'Eve.'"

"I wonder if Eevee ever took any damage from any wild Pokemon?" Kristopher pondered.

"No," Carter answered oh-so-blatantly.

Then a trainer "Hey do you want to battle?" "sure the other trainer was hot and look like 13 year old Zac Efron.

"Oh, dear God," Kristopher moaned. "Zac fucking Efron? Oh, my God, this is the My Immortal of Pokemon!"

"Like arcadiarika's works are the My Immortal of Power Rangers," Carter pointed out.

"At least she didn't take the time to add random bands just because."

Other trainer said "go ralts" and then there was ralts.

"Note to author: Ralts aren't native to Kanto!" Shaymin Hat Girl yelled in a megaphone.

"You know, it's safe to say that it doesn't really take place in any of the regions," Carter decided. "It's more like a WTF region."

"what pokeman is that"asked sara "ralts" said the other trainer that was fighting sarah. And ralts saw that sarah was nice person b/c it read her emo tions like nice book but still wanted to fight her

"" Kristopher questioned while trying not to laugh.

"Ralts is...reading Sarah's emotions like a nice book," Carter groaned. "Y'know what? She is a Sue. No doubt about it."

"While I do see your point, that's kinda like the pot calling the--"

"Don't push it, Smith."

"ralts confusion" said boy trainer "eevee dodge and tackle" said sarah and eevee dodged confusion and used tackle. "ralts use confusion" said trainer and eevee didn't doge it this time. Sarah told eevee to use tackle and eevee did and eevee got critical hit.

All three fell asleep and snored.

"ralts return" said other trainer "your good" "so are ou" said sarah. "I am jake"sad trainer "I am sarah" said sarah.

More snoring.

"Oh I had forgotten mewtwo explod oaks lab" she said. "OAKS LAB NO" reply jake

This time, all three woke up when the Zac Efron clone shouted that final sentence.

"Gee, this Sue instantly forgets that Mewtwo made the lab blow up just now?" Kristopher groaned, trying to fall asleep again.

"Love at first sight?" Carter guessed, and he stared at Shaymin Hat Girl. "Don't even think about it. You're the author's avatar--you said so yourself."

"It is not like I'll gush over you," Shaymin Hat Girl assured. "Besides, you're a Pokemon in this series. I'm 100% human. Poke...yeah. I'll stop there."

"Why you not tell me this?"

"Who set us up the bomb?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked back.

"I am train to defeat mewtwo!" yelled sarah "mewtwo is legendry you cant' fight him own ur own. You will need help let me join you"

"Nah, I'm pretty sure that she can defeat it on her own," Carter answered.

"okay" said sarah "We should catch pokemon" said lake and they saw some pokemon and they caught them.

"Watch as they'll get ditched for the Sue's special Eevee," Kristopher retorted.

Suddenly mewtwo teleported there. "You again?" said mewtwo. "I thought I killed you along with res of lab."

"How did Mewtwo just teleport to the area?" Carter wondered.

"It's probably guided by magic," Shaymin Hat Girl replied.

Sarah and Jake were scarred because their pokemon were weekend and mewtwo was stong and smart and tough.

"...and beautiful and cool," Carter added. "Can't forget about them."

"It's a Pokemon Weekend!" Shaymin Hat Girl cheered.

Mew2 raised hand but then another mewtwo apeared.

"Gee, I think I have seen this before, only done Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky!" Kristopher snarked.

"what" said Sarah. "what" said Jake. "what" said the first mewtwo.

"What?" Shaymin Hat Girl gasped in mock-fright.

"What?" Kristopher joined in.

"Wait, what?" Carter shouted, and the two humans glared at the Lightspeed Slugma.

The new mewtwo look at other mewtwo and said "you have have killed humens and ruin my good name you will pay…………………………………………………………………………………………… CLONE!"

"Oh, God, we're going to have Pokemon the First Movie: Part Three: Electric Boogaloo," Kristopher moaned.

(AN: Dun dun dun)

"Did you really have to type it?" Carter asked flatly.

"Oh, man. That means there's a third chapter," Shaymin Hat Girl said with a sad sigh.

"Might as well endure and wait for the next part," Kristopher suggested, and he couldn't take it anymore. "FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU..."

Meanwhile, in a temple near 2010 Mariner Bay, Chad Lee, the Blue Lightspeed Ranger, just finished his Tai Chi. The blue-clad, dark-haired man sighed as he sat on the steps. His dark eyes stared into the distance as he thought about Carter.

"How on Earth did he transform into a Slugma?" Chad said to himself. "It must have been one of the potions."

He grabbed his bag and saw the light purple potion. That very potion--the one Kristopher was missing--would turn anyone into a Pokemon. But which one?

Chad smiled as he remembered the battle. Carter had almost won, as he had defeated Meganium and Typhlosion without too much trouble, but he lost to the rented Feraligatr. The ex-leader had been surprised over Chad's mastery of the final Pokemon.

"Then again, I have been a whale trainer," Chad reminded to himself. He sighed as he looked at the potion. He had asked Kristopher if he would have a look at one of them, and the professor had allowed permission. Unfortunately, Kristopher was also...forgetful, and the Blue Ranger hoped that the inventor would still remember.

Chad opened up the cork and drank the potion. It had a bitter aftertaste, but he got over it. He groaned as he felt the transformation taking place, and he forced himself to stand up.

First, Chad's pinky and ring fingers fused together, as did his thumb and index fingers, as if he would have three fingers altoghether. His skin started to turn a light lavender, and his toes felt like they were fusing as well into two on each foot. His feet even outgrew his shoes, ripping them apart.

Next, Chad thought that his body was swelling and growing taller. In reality, he gained the girth of a Legendary Pokemon, but his height growth was also making him slimmer. After he grew to 6'7"--virtually five inches taller than Carter, Chad winced as he felt his thighs growing wider. Luckily for the Blue Lightspeed Ranger, sans his shoes, the clothes never ripped.

Chad could sense that his stomach was turning purple, and he gasped when a purple tail suddenly poked through his pants. His ears transformed into the ears of the first--said to be the strongest (until Arceus came along)--Legendary Pokemon, and his head transformed into that of said Pokemon.

Finally, Chad noticed that his transformation was almost over. A tube, the same color of his skin, appeared in between his neck and the back of his head. His hair was now fused with the top of his head, no longer jet-black but the same color as his body. His voice was now deeper--same tone as Carter's, but not the same voice (in regards to everything else) of the ex-Red Ranger; rather, it was more...serious. Also, while Chad could speak, he had to use telepathy in order to communicate.

So...this is what it feels like, Chad mused as he looked at himself. He was amazed by how well his clothes, a part of his former human self, survived. However, he was more amazed over what he had become.

Chad Lee, the former Blue Lightspeed Ranger, had permanently morphed into Mewtwo.

He used his psychic abilities to fly over Mariner Bay, enjoying his new form. He couldn't wait to see what Carter's reaction would be. While it was a shame to lose his voice, Chad's new voice would send such a shock.

But then...

"Chad!" Kelsey Winslow, the Yellow Ranger, called out. Chad could hear his friend, and he flew back to the temple. Kelsey's mouth dropped as she saw the Pokemon. "It can't be. Oh, my God..."

Kelsey, I know that you're freaked out, but listen to me, Chad began.

"Freaked out? You...are you really Chad?"

I am. I'm now a Mewtwo. Forgive me for such a...change.

"No, that's okay! I'm fine with that! I just can't believe that you're now...Mewtwo. After Arceus--"

Yes, I know. Can you see if the Aquabase has a place for me? Likewise... Chad gave Kelsey his Rescue Morpher. ...can you ask Ms. Fairweather-Rawlings if she can find a way for me to transform into the Blue Ranger while keeping my new form? I'm going to visit Carter in the future.

"Sure. Good luck!"

Chad nodded and used the time machine, setting a course for 2095. While Mewtwo may be powerful, it can't travel through time--that's Celebi's job.

Back at the theatre, Carter, Kristopher, and Shaymin Hat Girl waited in dread for the third chapter.

Chapter Three

"Bring! On! The pain!" Kristopher bellowed.

(A/N Because of confusing evil mewtwo will be called mewthree from now on and I know now the title does nt make sense but TOO BAD)

"Doesn't the author mean 'confusion'?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"Let's not jump to conclusions," Carter replied.

"If the title no longer makes sense, wouldn't it kill the author to change it?" Kristopher queried.

Mewtwo and Mewthree faxed each other.

"Memo to Mewthree, you need to be at the Fake Pokemon God club at 5:30 P.M., signed, Mewtwo," Shaymin Hat Girl droned.

Mewtwo shoot shadow balls at mewthree and mewthree dogded balls and laffed "you are infearier clone mewtwo now I kill you for trying to stop me from wiping out human race ha ha"


The three heroes decided not to make any remarks in regards to what Mewthree had said.

"who are you" asked mewtwo "I am mewthree and humans made me from your genetics but I hat humans"

"Mewtwo was misunderstood," Kristopher pointed out. "At least, in the Japanese version of the first movie. I guess the author decided to watch the dub of the movie and called it good."

"No!" shouted mewtwo "how dare they use my genetic its MY GENETIC NOT YORS"

"This makes so little sense that we might as well not make any snarky comments again," Shaymin Hat Girl decided.

Suddenly a clon army came out from behind mewthree "it is the attack of the clones" said Sarah and mewto teleportled themt o lab.

All three booed at the lame pun.

"Get off the stage!" Kristopher shouted.

"Watch as the author eventually points out the source of the pun," Carter added.

"where is this?" asked jake "I once tried to kill humans too" said mewto "but now I use my science for good I cannot fight clone army alone you must help me"

"So a Pokemon that can do anything...can't defeat the clones?" Shaymin Hat Girl stated.

Mewtwo used genetics on there pokemon and they evolved and becum stronger than normal pokemon except for Sarah's eevee which could evolve into any evolushon when ever she wanted then turn back the eevee was also pink and blue in stead of brown and whit.

"THAT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE!" Kristopher and Shaymin Hat Girl screamed. Carter, on the other hand, shook in fear.

"!!" Carter screamed. "I gotta get out of here!"

Carter tried to slither away, but he was so slow. Kristopher sighed, realizing that the group had suffered enough. However, unlike the Lightspeed Slugma (still desperately trying to find an exit), the professor and the girl with the Shaymin hat was like a trainwreck, but they couldn't look away.

"Now you are ready to fight mewthree" said mewtwo and then jake turned on television and saw that clone army was already killing humans and jake was mad "we have to stop the clones" said jake and mewtwo teleported them to the city where the clone pokemon were attacking but mewthree wasn't there and it made them mad.

"Fight them!" Kristopher groaned. "Man, this is playing out like a bad Pokemon/Power Rangers crossover fanfiction...only without the actual elements of the latter!"

"I will find mewthree" said mewtwo and mewtwo teleported and left them to fight clones all on own but the trainers were ready "let's go". And hoped they were god enough to stop clones.

"Answer: with the unstoppable forces of the Sue and Stu, yes," Shaymin Hat Girl replied. She saw Carter giving up on the search and, after crawling back to his spot, patted his head. "There, there."

(AN: btw the attack of the clones thing is a pun on star wars if you didn't know.

"Told you," Carter pointed out.

no im not a troll Im a humen and if you dont like dont read and if you flame that means your just jealous otherwise thanks for review)

"Now all that's left is the glorious 'Let's see you do better!'," Kristopher added.

Because the fanfic ended (for now), all three teleported.

"So, kids," Shaymin Hat Girl stated after she, Kristopher, and Carter were back at the lab, "what did we learn from this fanfic?"

"Just because Mewtwo is a character, it doesn't mean that it will be any good," Kristopher and Carter responded in unison.

"Very good!"

Suddenly, Chad appeared, crashing through the ceiling. Kristopher's eyes bulged as he finally remembered.

"I'm such an idiot!" the professor groaned. "I didn't remember that I gave Chad the Mewtwo potion!"

Chad nodded and looked at Carter. Remember me, Grayson? the former Blue Lightspeed Ranger asked.

"I can barely remember," Carter replied. "You can't be Chad. He...he's completely different."

Well, allow me to have a battle with you. It should jog your memory.

The battle began, but it was rather a quick one. Carter used Flamethrower, but it barely damaged Chad. The Mewtwo regenerated, shocking the Slugma, and the Psychic-type Pokemon unleashed a powerful Psychic attack. Finally, before Carter could use Yawn, Chad used a Mega Punch to finish his friend off.

"'re powerful...wait. That Mega was like using a Battle Booster," Carter realized. "You are Chad!"

Correct, Chad replied. Forgive me for the sudden change in voice.

"But...but what about--"

The crew at the Aquabase is currently trying to find a way for me to still live there.

Carter smiled and chuckled weakly, understanding what Chad just said. "At least..." he gasped, " told me..." However, before he could finish, Carter fainted.

"We need to take him to the recovery room--stat!" Kristopher shouted, and he placed Carter onto a stretcher. The professor and Shaymin Hat Girl sent the Slugma to the recovery room, where the Pokemon was placed inside a chamber. Chad teleported to the room, watching his friend.

Did I attack him too much? Chad asked in a worried tone.

"He'll be fine," Kristopher replied. "Just a few days of rest, and he'll recover."

That's a relief. Well, I need to head back to the Aquabase. See you around.

Chad teleported to the time machine in the other room, and he left.

Despite what Kristopher said, it did not take a few days for Carter to recover. It took several weeks. The young man/Pokemon took a lot of damage and was comatose, but Kristopher and Shaymin Hat Girl both knew that Mewtwo--or, really, Chad as Mewtwo--was incredibly powerful.

Once Carter recovered, he woke up. He moaned softly as he saw the concerned Kristopher.

"...Kris?" Carter questioned weakly.

"Oh! Carter! Thank Hikaria that you're okay!" Kristopher gasped. "I thought it would--"

"No, that's okay. Man...Chad really did me in, heh."

"I was so worried. I...I'm going to call the Shaymin Hat Girl."

Kristopher left, and Carter remained in the chamber. He wanted to stretch, but he remembered that he was a Slugma and not a human. Despite his recovery, he still felt exhausted.

I wonder if it's possible for me to evolve? Carter thought. Then he also remembered that he couldn't--he still had his blue eyes and spiky "hair". He shrugged it off and smiled as he continued to wait.

Kristopher ran back to the recovery room. "Carter, I called the girl," he stated. "She's coming--"

"--right now!" chirped Shaymin Hat Girl, now sans hat and carrying a basket of Gracideas. She walked over to Carter and gave the flowers to him. "For you."

"Oh. That's nice of you!" Carter complimented, and he blushed. However, noticing that he was getting a little bit shy, he regained his composure.

Suddenly, the alarm rang, and Kristopher ran to his lab. Both Carter and Shaymin Hat Girl were waiting until their leader ran back.

"It's back," Kristopher gasped. "The fanfic's back. Carter, I'm glad that you recovered in time. Let's go!"

After freeing Carter from the chamber, all three teleported to the theatre/projector room.

Once they arrived, they took their seats.

"So far, this epic fail of a story has a Mary Sue protagonist, a love interest, and two Mewtwo," Kristopher recapped. "One of them, Mewthree, blew up the lab for some reason."

"Not to mention the pink-and-blue Eevee," Shaymin Hat Girl added, but hearing the words "pink" and "Eevee" together in a sentence made Carter cry, and she comforted him. "There, there."

"Good Hikaria, Carter," Kristopher said. "You, what, survived a day trip to Hell--no, the Shadow World, and you're upset over a..." Then he remembered the first fanfic the trio had made fun of together--since then, Carter has a fear of pink Eevee despite fainting one, and he kept his mouth shut. "Oh. I see. Well, hopefully it gets better, okay?"

Carter sniffed and stared at Kristopher with watery eyes. He could only nod.

Chapter 4

" many chapters are there in this fanfic?" Shaymin Hat Girl questioned.

"I hope that there aren't any fillers," Kristopher answered.

(AN: I know Im not very gud at spelling but I don't think matters you can still understan me rite?

"Well, let's see..." Carter retorted, and then he ratted off a very long list of all the things that are going wrong with the fanfic, concluding with "So, you see, this is the My Immortal of Pokemon."

Besides English not first langauge.

All three kept their mouths shut at that point, all because they did not wish to insult the writer just in case.

Also I have not played pokemon games so I don't no how to spell certain moves ok but like I sad it dont matter and

"Well, the moves aren't the only things that you can't spell..." Shaymin Hat Girl sighed, but then she looked up. "Wait. How can you claim to not play the games and still write this fanfic?! THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE!"

In her rage, Shaymin Hat Girl threw random chairs. Luckily for her, she never hit Kristopher and Carter. Both men stared at each other as the girl still ranted, swore, and threw stuff at the walls.

"I think we found her berserk button," Kristopher noted in a whisper.

"Yeah...and I'll have to agree with her," Carter added.

After all the chairs around them are thrown, Shaymin Hat Girl sat down in her seat, breathing normally and smiling. "I got better!" she chirped.

"Also, on that...not spelling certain moves, it does matter," Carter pointed out. "You certainly can't expect to have me use 'Phlametwoer' and call it good."

" the hell do you pronounce that?" Kristopher questioned.

"Just go with it. Love how the author stops mid-sentence as well."

Sarah and Jake find themselves in Safron city and saw clones everywere. "Their everywere" said Jake.

"We already know that, Jakey-boy," Kristopher snarked.

"Dont worry!" said Sarah and then Eevee turned into an umbrion but it was still pink.

Carter began to tear up once again.

"Oh, great, here we go again..." Kristopher sighed, and Carter wept.

"Can an Umbreon be shiny? I mean, how is it...a lighter shade of red?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked, being careful not to say the "P-word" around Carter.

After a few minutes, Carter recovered from his crying jag. "I really need to get over my fear of the Eeveelutions and a certain color in the same sentence," he sighed.

mewthree odered the clones to attack, and they started to blow buildings.

"Oh, that reminds me of how the demons blew buildings up in Mariner Bay," Carter sighed as he became nostalgic for a brief moment.

"No there were people in there!" said Jake.

"...and they usually didn't have any people in there."

"Too soon, Carter," Kristopher warned. "Not to mention bad timing."

"Gallad go!" then Gallaid came out. It was blue and white and shiny.

"Okay, the Ralts he had before wasn't shiny. Pokemon that are not shiny remain that way. How in the heck did the Pokemon become shiny?" Shaymin Hat Girl questioned.

"Generic modification; in other words, Mewtwo did it," Kristopher answered. "For that matter, I didn't know that 'Gallaid' is a new Pokemon. Must be unrelated to Gallade."

"Syco cut" ordered Jake and then the gallaid used Syco cut which hurt a weezing clone.

"It's super effective!" Kristopher announced.

"...'Syco cut'?" Carter questioned.

Then a chairzard started to breath fire at them but Eevee turned to vaporion to stop it

"Hopefully it's the right color this time," Shaymin Hat Girl stated.

then it used hydro pimp.

"You know what they say: hydro pimpin' ain't easy," said Kristopher.

Then more clones came and Eevee changed form to stop them but there were too many of them.

"Oh, no! What will our Sueish Eevee and the Sueish protagonist do in this horrible confrontation?" Carter questioned in mock horror.

"There are too many of them" sad Jake.

"Thanks for repeating what we already know, Jakey-boy, your insight was very much appreciated," Kristopher groaned.

And then they sent out a bunch of other pokemon and they started to do well against clones but there were still too many.

"And there were still too many...(makes record scratching noise)...and there were still too many...(record scratching noise)...and there were still too many..." Shaymin Hat Girl repeated.

Then Saraj looked up in the sky and saw somone with purple hair riding on garchomp it was Paul.

"How in the hell did Paul get a Garchomp?!" Kristopher roared.

"Like I said, we're not in the Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Isshu, or Kanto regions, despite what the author is trying to make us believe for the latter," Carter replied. "It's a WTF region."


"I read 'clons' as 'clowns' for some reason," Shaymin Hat Girl noted.

and he sent out a bunch of pokemon and beat up the rest of the clones.

"Yay for the Possession Stu!...wait, what?" Kristopher asked.

"Then again, considering that Paul's a Boring Invincible Anti-Hero in the anime, this isn't surprising..." Carter corrected.

"Thank you Paul" said Sarah "No prolbem" said Paul. "Jus here to help".

"Wow. They really made him the nice guy," said Shaymin Hat Girl.

Jake was jealus because Paul was look amazing but Sara dint notice.

"Uh-oh, looks like the Sue has found her new boyfriend~..." Kristopher sang.

Suddenly Mewthree in the sky.

"Thousands of them," Carter added.

"Attenton every one I have just beat Mewtwo and now I will destoy all humans no one can stop me"

"Wait, how did Mewthree defeat Mewtwo?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked.

"It's magic, the author doesn't need to explain it," Kristopher answered.

"I can" said Sarah and Mewthree laughed.

Everyone groaned at both the Sueishness of Sarah and the cliched evil laugh.

"How will you beat me when I am up here and you are down there?I will kill you from sky and you not reach me!"

"I'm sure she will reach you, dude, even if you are speaking gibberish," Shaymin Hat Girl assured.

"He's right" said Jake but then umbrion grew big yellow wings and flew up to Mewthree.

"Told you."

"What" said Mewthree "How did you do that".

"Trust us, we're wondering the same thing ourselves," Carter answered.

"It was special modify" said Umbrion "You talk too" said Mewthree

"We would have gone with the magic thing, too," Kristopher added. "After all, that's how it would make sense otherwise."

and then umbrion used faint and attack and it was super effective.

"Like that's a surprise," Shaymin Hat Girl noted sarcastically.

"So Mewtwo used genetics on your pokemon I didn't expect this I will have to retreat. But Ill be back for reveng!" said Mewthree and then he teliported away.

"Sure, good luck with that," Kristopher sighed.

"No fair!" said Jake "How did that happen" asked Sarah

All three facepalmed over the Sueish leads' stupidity.

"And Umbreon will mention what we already know," Carter hypothesized.

"Mewtwo gave me extra special genetics. " said Umbrion then turned back to Eevee. "I am sorry for keeping secret"

"Told you. And it isn't even a secret, either, Eevee."

"Its okay" said Sarah. "But we need to find Mewthree we should train for next math.

"Two plus two is four!" Kristopher shouted.

"Three minus three is zero!" Shaymin Hat Girl added.

"3,804,093 divided by zero is not exactly impossible, but let's just go with it," Carter continued.

Kristopher and Shaymin Hat Girl stared at Carter.

I'll get you Mewthree".

"Trust us, you can beat him in no time," Shaymin Hat Girl assured.

The trio tried to teleport to the lab, but an unknown force prevented them from doing that. As it turned out, someone blocked the powers.

"Are you kidding me?!" Carter roared.

"Who did this?" Kristopher questioned.

Suddenly, Mewthree appeared, and all three snarkers stepped back in shock.

"I did," the Pokemon answered. "You will stay here until you finish all of my story."

"So you sent it?" Shaymin Hat Girl questioned.

"Who else?"

Mewthree disappeared, and Kristopher, Carter, and Shaymin Hat Girl dreaded the coming of the fifth chapter and--perhaps--beyond.

Chapter 5

"That was quick..." Kristopher noted. He, Shaymin Hat Girl, and Carter haven't left in days. Staying took a toll on their sanity...

(AN Stop it I said I wasnt a troll OK!

"Calm down," Carter reassured. "You just fail at everything, even storytelling--ripping off plots and pulling stuff out of your ass isn't a way to go."

"Like a certain other writer," Kristopher added, and they both looked at Shaymin Hat Girl.

But thanks to people who liked it I didn't mean fo it 2 be funny but Im glad you like

"...right," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed. "Sure you did."

also I got firs real pokemon game pokemon Heart Gol and its pretty good and I decide to put in elemens from that game.

"Oh, God, more stuff to rip off!" Kristopher cried out.

Before I only watched movies and TV show so it was bit different but still good. Why is Ash look different tho?)

"That's because it's Ethan! Not Ash!" Shaymin Hat Girl screamed.

"Wow...being here has taken a toll on everything..." Carter sighed. "What's today, anyway?"

Sarah Jack n Paul decide to hell out citie

"Trust me, this fic is hell already," Kristopher muttered while rubbing his eyebrows.

and look for surviver. "We should look for survivors" said Paul sexily

"Gee, thanks for stating what you said, Mr. Obvious!" Carter sarcastically noted.

"'Sexily'?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked. "You had to rip off My Immortal...get your own damn material!"

"I bet that once that's done, it'll say that they started looking for survivors. Rule of three, always."

"Ok" said Sarah and they look for survors.

"See? Told you."

"It's a reoccuring happening in that fic," Kristopher noticed. "Probably padding."

Sarah was distracted by Pauls nice hiAR and sexy bod and made Jake jealous

"So, wait, the Marty Stu is jealous of an already-established Villain Sue?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked. "One who didn't get his comeuppance in his actual canon?"

"I...don't find Paul sexy. He's only, what, a young man?" Kristopher asked.

"You'd be surprised about Rule 34."

"...I don't even want to know about that."

Stop looking at me like that" sid Paul.

" know, considering how much of an abusive asshole Paul is, I got nothing," Shaymin Hat Girl sighed. "Why is he the ideal boyfriend here, again?"

Jake god idea.

"Oh, my God, he'll turn into a God Mode Stu!" Carter shouted.

The other two facepalmed at the lame pun.

"Gallad use telikineses (I think that's how its spelled)

"T-E-L-E-K-I-N-E-S-I-S," Shaymin Hat Girl spelt. "So no. And 'Gallade' is spelt G-A-L-L-A-D-E."

"Kill Paul! Kill Paul!" Carter and Kristopher chanted.

and Gallad put the buildings back together.

Carter and Kristopher groaned...not only in frustration, but with one simple fact, something that the entire group screamed...


"For a Pokemon move, the recently-discovered Telekinesis makes the opponent immune to Ground-type moves, and all moves will hit the target. Unless if somehow this takes place in the anime series, which is then understandable with the whole plot-screwing powers...I have a headache," Shaymin Hat Girl moaned.

"Good job" said Jake and they found som survivors and they rescue them.

"Eh, screwing the plot, but then again, so many of that is going on in this fic," Carter stated. "Next!"

"I must go now. " said Paul "There are more ppl that need help".

"Or there are more Pokemon he could capture and release for no particular reason at all," Shaymin Hat Girl added.

"No don't go!" said Sarah. "We need all the help we can get to beat Mewthree he is very stong"

"Gee, you think?" Kristopher shouted. "Then again, you'll save the day, so what's the point?"

"Okay" said Paul. Jake pulled Sarah aside and aksed "do you like Paul" "I guess so" said Sarah and made Jake sad because he was IN LOVE with Sarah.

All three gasped in mock-shock.

"No, really? How else would we have guessed?" Carter asked mockingly.

"Do you like him like him" asked Kake

"Wait, who the hell is Kake?" Kristopher asked.

"Maybe" said Sarah "Why?" "Sarah I love you" said Jake.

"Yeah...sure, you are," Carter muttered while rolling his eyes. "How do we even know that?"

"Really"said Sarah "really" said Jake and then they kissed.

All three groaned at the cliche.

(AN: Paul is 13 in this story so it not weird OK)

"Well, he does look older than 10, and he did have a Starter already in the form of his Turtwig, but that doesn't justify poor storytelling," Shaymin Hat Girl noted.

"We ned to find Mewthree" said Paul. "My gallaid has psikic powers" said Jake

"More of the stating of the obvious!" Kristopher stated.

"What about the part-Fighting-type in a Gallade, Writer?" Carter questioned.

and Gallaid used sichic powers to find mewthree

"And more of redundancy," Shaymin Hat Girl groaned, still clutching her head.

"He is in the belt ower but it is far away to teleport to so we will have to drive there on motorcycles" said Gallad telepathetically

"Wait, there's a belt ower? Someone who owes belts?" Carter asked.

"I really want to do a 'Pokemon Battles on Motorcycles' joke...but I will refrain," said Kristopher.

"And you know what?" Shaymin Hat Girl added. "There are too many 'saids' here. Has the writer ever heard of other forms?"

"I will give u motorcycles" said one of the survivors who owned a motorcycle shop who they rescued earlier.

"Hey, thanks for the sudden coincidence!" Carter thanked.

Sarah Jake an Paul drove fast as wind and got to new bark ton and saw salamens there

"And that is presumably where the Pokemon HeartGold influence comes from. Going to freaking Johto," Kristopher noticed, and then he shook his head. "Wow."

"'s Salamence, not 'salamens'," Shaymin Hat Girl growled.

"What is salamens doing here" said Pail

"Oh, hi, Pail!" Carter greeted. "Where's your twin brother, Paul?"

"I am super clone made by mewthree I am 2nd only to mewthree and am 2nd in comman" said salemend

" know, maybe it's time to say that the whole 'pointing out the obvious thing' is overdone," Kristopher decided. "I mean, it's taking up the entire snarking."

"'s. Salamence," Shaymin Hat Girl snarled.

"I will be making sure you never redach mewthree DIE!"

"Holy hell, a cliffhanger!" Carter announced.

Once again, the group tried to get out, but they were suddenly strapped.

Two more to go...will you endure it? a voice asked.

"Damn...we'll have to go through more, guys!" Kristopher shouted as he tried to struggle to break free.

Chapter 6

All three waited...

(AN: He everyone there is PLOT TWIST in chapter not gunna spoil it for u tho)

"Well, I can guess what it is, judging by the events that happened so far..." Carter hypothesized. "Miss Mary Sue continues to do Sueish things."

Slamence clawed Sarah in faceand evee turned vaporeon to sop it

"Ooh, the Sue will be defeated, right? Right?!" Kristopher asked.

"...wait, how can one sop a Salamence? AND IT'S SPELLED 'SALAMENCE', YOU MORON!" Shaymin Hat Girl screamed.

"Calm down..." Carter assured, and Shaymin Hat Girl petted the Lightspeed Slugma.

but slamence use dargon bread on it and hurt.

"So that explains why the dargon bread didn't sell!" Kristopher stated in surprise.

"Ha ha ha" say Salamence "you are week and will die"

"The rest of the week includes killing Trainers, killing more Trainers, and a dinner date with Mewthree," Shaymin Hat Girl added.

{NO" said Sarah"I wont let you kill" but salamens attached Paul an Jake before sent out poekmon and they were lie on ground.

"...oh, God, ew, we are not touching that one," Kristopher groaned.

"At least Paul's getting his ass kicked, something that can't be said for his canon counterpart," Carter reassured.

"And what's up with that thing?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked, pointing at the "{".

"You cant stop me" said Salamenc. Edward Cullen.

"Wait, what? How did that shiny, whiny 'vampire' get here?" Kristopher questioned.

"Now you will die" but suddenly sarah start to glow.

"The power of the Mary Sue will save us all!" Carter mockingly announced.

Sarah was rhydon "Whats happening to me". "what" said Jake an Paul.

"What?!" all three screamed in true outrage.

"Sarah you are excape genetic experiment from mewthree you had mew dan so you could transfrom at Will but you forgot and was adopted by family. he mad you human so you could live with humans but kill them

" doesn't make any sense! How did she forget? How did the Mew DNA get obtained? How the hell...oh, God, I need a drink," Kristopher stammered.

"...that's isn't as messed up as...that other transformation, but it's close," Carter added.

I control you now" then salamence took out remote and control Sarah


The three are still baffled by the whole deal that they didn't have the strength to comment.

"no" said Sarah "now kill friends Jake and Paul" laughed Salamence evilly. Sarah charge hyper beam and aim at Jake "no don't" say Jake but Sarah couldn't stop it.

"Go, Sue, go...oh, screw this, there's no one to root for in this stupid story!" Shaymin Hat Girl moaned.

But then Sarah think of how she love Jake and dint want to hurt him so she shot at tree instad

"Oh, the Power of cliche," Kristopher flatly sighed.

"what no" say Salamence. "Mine control will never defeat poer of luv!" say Sarah.

"I'm sorry, 'Mine control'?" Shaymin Hat Girl questioned. "'Mine control'? Just..."

Then salamence turn into jet "if you won't kill friends then I will for you"

"...and how in the hell can a Salamence turn into a jet?!"

but sarah turn into Articuno and used ice beam because it was his weakness

"Gee, like we really didn't know that..." Carter growled. He and Kristopher were just running out of snark.

and remote destroy "no" and fainted.

"This is officially as incoherent as it gets, everyone!" Kristopher announced. "Even the remote says 'no!'"

"so you are genetic expertiment" Jake"I guess so" said sarah

"Well, Jakey-poo, thanks for saying that a millionth time," Shaymin Hat Girl sarcastically thanked.

"So, wait...about that love thing...oh, God, ew! God, no!" Carter screamed.

"come on we have hurry!" and she turn into arodactil and they all got on and gly to bell toer "Ill get you mewthee

"Gly to Bell Tower?" Kristopher asked. "How does that work?"

"At least...there's one more," Shaymin Hat Girl realized. "We have to get through this! Even if it kills us! Or drives us insane!"

Chapter 7

"Here we go..." Carter whispered.

AM: this LAST CHAPTER every1 then it don tho I may make SEKWEL soon

"...what?" Kristopher gasped. "There will be a sequel to this shit?"

"There already is," Carter sighed in sadness.


"But not now. After this, we would have suffered enough."

sera to fly bell towel and say mewthree "mewthree I challenge you to pokemon battle"

"Whoo-hoo," all three sarcastically cheered.

"ok" saw mewthree "I chooce me" and shoot black hole at sarah.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Shaymin Hat Girl cried out. "Mewtwo can't use a black hole!"

"It's Mewthree, and the powers have screwed over the plot so many times already, it's not surprising," Kristopher replied.

"No" say sarah and dog.

"Oh, hi, doggy!" Carter greeted.

"I will creat world without pokemon trainers" said mewthree.

"...and why, exactly?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked. "Just...because? Dear God, this is a poorly-made ripoff of the first Pokemon movie."

"Humans make pokemon slave and I hate that and humans. I dint expect to see you again but you will not get in mi weigh."

"Yeah...didn't Team Plasma cover the whole 'freeing Pokemon from Trainers' bit already?" Kristopher asked.

"They didn't appear by the time this came out," Carter replied.

"you kill Oak an Lary an mewto and other people too. "say Sarah.

"...and my dog, and my homework, and..." Shaymin Hat Girl contributed. "Also, who is Lary?"

"You cant stop me I will kill al humans so that no one can be trainer!" say mewthree. Sarah point! "Shut up or I explode your head!"and became mewtwo too.

"Didn't we already see that in the first chapter?" Carter asked.

"And in that isn't as hilariously epic as the first," Kristopher added. "It should be...'shut up or I EXPLODE YOUR HEAD!'" And he said that very quote with gusto.

"Impossable! said mewtree" "You born me but now I kill you" said sarah.

"Oh, ew, we are not going there!" Shaymin Hat Girl screamed. "Next scene! Next scene!"

"You may be me but YOU ARE NOT LEVEL" and uses shadow bill

"...Shadow Bill?" Kristopher asked. "What, is there a duck bill made of shadow? Or money made out of shadow?"

it was super effect but eeve jumped in front and it dint hurt him. "Why help human?" said mewthee "I am friend of sarah" said eevee.

"And here we go, this is where this would go deep into ripoff territory," Shaymin Hat Girl announced.

Mowthree was confused din't understan why eve help sarah"what is friend?" said mewthree."friends are people who nice each other and help other and are" say jake but mew3 still not understan.

"See? Told you. But wait, there's more!"

"now I will firght for reind"

"...huh?" all three asked.

Then Jake send out zorark witch he caut but forgot to tell and it use dark plus.

All three facepalmed at Jake having Zoroark.

"ow" said mewtwo

"So Mewthree is now Mewtwo?" Carter questioned. "Or did Zoroark attack Sarah?"

"It still lowers his credibility as a villain. Such types do not say 'ow' unless...yeah, comedy," Kristopher added.

then sarah became ms. drevus and evee umbrn and hurt mewthree too.

"...and this is where Mewthree goes down. What a freaking anticlimax," Shaymin Hat Girl predicted.

Mwthree fought bake too but couldnt.

"I could see why. It's hard to fight and bake at the same time," Kristopher noted.

"" and faint

"See?" Shaymin Hat Girl asked. "Told you."

tara was sad for mewthree and use revive.

"Wait, why the hell did she do that?!" all three screamed.

"And who's Tara?" Shaymin Hat Girl added.

"why you do that" say paul "why you do that" say mewthree.

"We already asked that!" Kristopher screamed, his voice threatening to go out.

"mewthro humans shouldnt killed" say eevee "pokemon like train."

"And that's why the Magnet Train was built," said Carter. "So humans shouldn't be killed. Wait, what?"

mewthree was sad and mad and confuse.

"Coincidentally, so are we for sitting through this crap," Kristopher stated.

"sarah I will not kill humans now. " say mewthree and sarah knew he wasnt ling.

"...oh, and I will need to get rid of your memories of the fight," Shaymin Hat Girl imitated Mewthree.

Mewthree flew into sky with sad face. "I will help human now" and teleport awa.

" that it?" Carter asked.

"we did it!" sag paul. "yay!" say eevee.

"Yeah, you sure did...wait, only the Sue saved the day, Paul!" Shaymin Hat Girl contradicted.

Then Jake and Sarah start kissin to celebrate.

All three groaned in disgust.

"sarah jake and paul you are heroes" say people and made a parade.

", that's it? it over?" Kristopher questioned.

When there was nothing else...the trio did some celebrating of their own, once freed of the restraints. What had been the hardest fanfic to ever snark on was finished at long last. They were free, free at last!

Oh, wait, no. Suddenly, Mewthree showed up.

"Oh, God, not you! Please, just go away..." Kristopher groaned.

I thought that the fanfic would break your spirits so I could destroy you, Mewthree sighed. Truly, you are made of stronger stuff. But now since I have nothing else to do, prepare to die.

All three prepared themselves for battle. Kristopher transformed himself into the Mega Electric Warrior. Carter stepped forward. And Shaymin Hat Girl pulled a bazooka out of Hammerspace.

"Where'd you get that bazooka?" Carter asked in shock.

"Bought it off of zPay," Shaymin Hat Girl replied.

Naturally, sensing the trouble, Chad suddenly stepped forward. I don't think I should let you guys do this alone... he assured.

Mewthree first attacked with the black hole, and it did powerful damage. Kristopher used an Electric Punch at the Pokemon, but it was too weak. All individual attacks were utterly worthless. Yes, even the bazooka.

Barrage after barrage of attacks weakened the group, but they didn't give up. Chad had an idea. What if we combine our powers? he suggested.

"Let's do it!" the snarky trio cried out, and the men focused their powers on Shaymin Hat Girl's bazooka. She shoots powerful beams out, blowing Mewthree's head up, and then its entire body followed.

"Ugh...finally, wait, this is just as anticlimatic as the battle in the story!" Kristopher realized, and then he screamed.

"That's...kinda true," Shaymin Hat Girl agreed.

"I think that because of this, we should take a break for a while," Carter added.

"Yeah. I might go to the past...maybe, hopefully, get a clearer head," Kristopher suggested. "See you guys around."

Kristopher used his own time machine and headed to 2010. Chad and Carter headed back to their own time, and Shaymin Hat Girl went home. For now, it's peaceful.

But, for the young professor, the peace won't last for long.
The second of two older MSTs I saved, it's the famous "Pokemon Attack of Mewtwo" one.

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.

Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands.

"Pokemon Attack of Mewtwo" is owned by dark-lemur.

Other MSTs:

Eevee TF TG
boy to girl to fox TF TG
The Horribly Bloody Death of Kairi
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