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A Random MST: Episode 3
boy to girl to fox TF TG

NOTE: This MST/fic is rated M for "Mature." It contains strong languages, disturbing content, really weird transformations, and overall WTF-ery. Even when I'm trying to censor them. Viewer discretion is advised.

SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE: The words in italics are thoughts/translations/titles of works, and the text in bold italics are the MSTed fic.

In Mariner Bay, a silver-haired young woman was trying to recover from her wounds from a war. From all accounts, that war was between the Rangers and the villains, and supposedly, a robotic Justin Stewart was involved.

The blind, nearly-7,000-year-old woman was Catherine Grayson. In a previous life, she was known as Carter Grayson, the first Red Lightspeed Ranger. However, from different events, she would try to balance between living with her old and new friends. Not to mention that her life changed.

Whoever her "new" friends were, the information wasn't clear. Some had differing views of them. And as far as her life, the reactions to the events--from her sex change to giving birth to a son--went from interest to just plain shock. Was this really their Carter?

In any event, Catherine sighed as she rested. She had nothing to worry about. The war seemed to be over.

Oh, wait. There was a time machine, and a young man walked out--Professor Kristopher Smith. He stared at the woman.

"Who are you?" he asked. And when Catherine told Kristopher her name, he blinked. "Hey, we know a Catherine!"

"It's probably not me, then," she chuckled. "And what are you doing here?"

"Oh, well, I'm trying to explore the world Carter was in before he landed in Hono'aru."

"Carter? Must be an Other."


Catherine told Kristopher what Others are--alternate counterparts. Kristopher told Catherine what Carter was like. She rubbed her eyelids and nodded.

"Yep, definitely an Other of me," Catherine replied. "Yes, I used to be Carter, myself. Only I wasn't the shrieking, fanfic-hating Slugma. Most likely lived in a world where Rangers aren't always keeping their cool. Or something."

"I...don't know what you mean," Kristopher admitted.

"It's complicated."


The two then received an e-mail, and Kristopher read it. "It looks like a fanfic. We've dealt with those!"

"I bet...I haven't read such things, I don't think."

"Trust me, you're better off not reading some of them..."

Kristopher prepared a movie projector, and the two of them watched (or heard in Catherine's case) the fanfic.

boy to girl to fox TF TG

" Megan Fox?" Kristopher questioned.

"...who?" Catherine asked.


One day, one 9 year old boy named Phil went to a summer camp, but there is something weird about it.

"Ten bucks says that there's a mysterious killer haunting the camp," Catherine hypothesized.

there isn't one boy in sight.

"Foreshadowing!" Kristopher announced in a bold voice.

"...or a mysterious killer," Catherine suggested.

Phil went to go investigate what it really is, but a counciler stopped Phil in his tracks "what are you doing out here dressed like that? you need to be nude" the woman said.

"What," Kristopher and Catherine flatly said. It was a long time before the two said anything else.

"Aside from the spelling errors," Kristopher then stated after clearing his throat, "why would someone official tell someone else to be nude?"

"Oh, God..." Catherine groaned, "...I can practically sense the unfortunate implications."

Phil said "sorry" and walked to his cabin, which has a girl named Sam in it.

"...and they just keep on coming."

Phil asked "sam, do you have any extra female camp clothes for me to wear?".

"Female camp clothes?!" Kristopher choked. "I'd ask why the hell the counselor asked for me to be nude first!"

Sam nodded and gave Phil a pink pair of panties, a camp skirt and a camp shirt. Phil put it on, but quickly took it off due to a burning on his chest.

" I even want to know?" Catherine asked. "Unless if--"

"We get it already, Catherine. Let's not jump to conclusions," Kristopher assured.

Phil Asked "Sam, are these clothes magic?" and scratched at his (Mr. Happy). Sam said "no, maybe because your the only boy in Cheerleading camp.

"...oh dear God. It is filled with unfortunate implications!"

"Indeed. Boys are also cheerleaders," Catherine noted, and then she paused. "Er, don't ask how I know it..."

Phil said "cheerleading camp?! I thought this was Science camp" and looked in a mirror, noticing that he is as slender as a girl.

" I would wish to say how stupid the boy is, but...this must be an Idiot Plot," Kristopher sighed as he shook his head.

"Sam, whats happening to me?" he said, not noticing that his voice is girly. Sam said "your turning into a girl, thats an affect of wearing girl clothes".

"That is not an effect of wearing girl's clothing!" Catherine shouted. "I was in a dress once, and I didn't turn into a girl!"

Kristopher stared at Catherine in shock until he could only muster up a "What".

Phil freaked out and felt his crotch, but found a female ----. "guess I'm a girl now" he said, finishing the changes into a girl.

"...and that is it. I hope," Kristopher whispered.

Phil ran outside naked and went over to a fox.

"Damn it!"

"Spoke too soon..." Catherine sighed.

the fox got scared and bit Phil before running off. Phil's hands turned into paws while she sprouts a fox tail covered in red fur. Phil's changes finish up quickly, leaving her a vixen.

"...that's it?!" the both of them screamed in unison.

"No...conflict? No plot?" Catherine asked.


"...okay then."

Kristopher foamed at the mouth and ranted with a great deal of swear words. Luckily, the both of them were in a hospital room with no one else inside. Unfortunately, his screams were so loud that some of the patients could hear him.

Catherine sighed and, finding some strength, took the man outside.

"I come here at times for some relaxation," Catherine told Kristopher after she led him into a secret garden, overfilled with beautiful plant life and a majestic fountain that had clean, pure water. "I saw it before when I was young--as in, when I was a young adult. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was."

"Yeah," Kristopher smiled, feeling relaxed as well. "It's...wonderful."

"So, when do you plan to go back? This is your past, I believe..."

Kristopher had to think. Catherine was right, after all. If he would go back to the future, it might change. But...this woman seems to be nice, he thought. I haven't heard much about her life. Maybe I should find out a few things before I leave.

"I probably won't go back for a while," Kristopher answered.

The both of them smiled as they remained in the garden.
So here we are, yet another random MST. Is this story the same as "Eevee TF TG" in terms of content?

And before you ask, yes, it's set in the WAOA universe this time around, hence the change in setting.

Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands.

"boy to girl to fox TF TG" is owned by xana-william.

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